Topi-CLICK Patent Infringement Lawsuit Gains Traction Against UnoDose Manufacturer

December 14th, 2022

Patent Infringement Lawsuit by Topi-CLICK gains traction against UnoDose Manufacturer.


Woodstock (Atlanta), GA, December 14, 2022 TEAM Technologies Pharmaceutical Delivery Devices, the creator of Topi-CLICK® issued an update on the ongoing litigation against Reflex Medical, the manufacturer of the UnoDose metered dose dispenser.


The case is currently being heard in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.  The District Court recently released a Claim Construction Opinion and Order that Tim Phipps, TEAM Technologies Pharmaceutical Delivery Devices’ President and Topi-CLICK Founder, described as “a good decision” where “we prevailed on the most important points”.


The litigation claims that Reflex Medical used Topi-CLICK’s patent protected technology in the UnoDose dispenser. The litigation seeks an injunction against Reflex using Topi-CLICK’s technology and seeks to recover damages.


The original Topi-CLICK was introduced in 2007, creating a brand loyalty among compounding pharmacists, physicians, and patients with its pioneering ease of use, accuracy, and precision.


Topi-CLICK President & Founder Tim Phipps said, “As an innovator in the industry, we’ve invested and obtained patents to protect our technology designed to provide the most accurate and easy-to-use dispensing methods.  We will take the necessary actions to defend our intellectual property.”


The Topi-CLICK 35 dosing applicator established the benchmark for ease-of-use and accuracy. The Topi-CLICK 35 has been featured on nationally syndicated health and wellness television shows, is the subject of a peer reviewed article in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, and most importantly has helped millions of patients over the past fifteen years.


About Topi-CLICK
TEAM Technologies Pharmaceutical Delivery Devices, based in Woodstock (Atlanta), GA, manufactures a variety of topical click dosing applicators to support its flagship brand, Topi-CLICK®, including the Topi-CLICK® 35, the larger volume Topi-CLICK® 140, the Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal Dosing Method, the micro-dosing Topi-CLICK Micro® and the new Troche-CLICK oral dosing dispenser.  For further information on our products, please visit and or call 1.800.870.8448 or email [email protected] .




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