College textbook: Topi-CLICK’s ‘accuracy unmatched by the traditional tube delivery’

April 12th, 2013
PharmacyPractice5e_CVRIt is not only doctors, pharmacists, and patients who are touting the benefits of Topi-CLICK.  The 2013 college textbook, “Pharmacy Practice for Technicians, Fifth Edition,” (Paradigm Publishing) extols the advantages Topi-CLICK.

      The recently released textbook, which features the latest in pharmaceutical practices and new technology, says that Topi-CLICK “is an easy-to-use, unique delivery system for topical creams. Well-accepted by physicians and patients.

    “Topi-CLICK provides an integrated applicator pad so topicals do not have to be applied by hands. The hand is a great absorber; therefore, when using hands as the applicator, patients are rubbing a percentage of the topical treatment into their hands rather than applying the cream to the prescribed treatment area. Using the hands can also increase the chances of others accidentally being exposed to someone else’s prescription when holding or shaking hands.

     “Overall, the Topi-CLICK delivery system helps promote patient compliance and has accuracy unmatched by the traditional tube delivery method.”

     Topi-CLICK was also featured in the fourth edition of the textbook.