DoseLogix’s innovative Topi-Filler™ Filling Station awarded U.S. Patent

September 28th, 2015

ATLANTA, Ga. — DoseLogix, the parent company of the highly acclaimed Topi-CLICK® topical dispenser, was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for its Topi-Filler TM Filling Station. The Topi-Filler allows pharmacists to fill prescriptions for topical creams, ointments and gels with less time, effort, waste, and trapped air.

“Electronic Mortar and Pestle (EMP) jars are difficult to use and have been around for 50 years so it was time to make them easier for pharmacists and technicians to use,” said DoseLogix President and CEO Tim Phipps.  “We are an intensely focused U.S.-based company that is able to quickly innovate and meet the needs of the compounding industry.  For decades, many compounding pharmacists have used homemade tools to help them dispense thick topicals from EMP jars.  The new Topi-Filler puts an end to this lingering frustration that used to await compounders on a daily basis.”

Early adopters of the Topi-Filler have experienced filling time of topicals cut by 50 percent and noted the reduction of trapped air in topical dispensers due to filling, thus improving accuracy dispensed.   The Topi-Filler, which requires very little time to master, uses tuned leverage to help push any size EMP jar plungers.  Made of durable stainless and powder-coated steel, the Topi-Filler retails for $2,100 and makes it easy to quickly interchange most EMP jars.


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Glenn Hannigan
President | TruVine Communications