Topi-CLICK® In the National Spotlight

Thank you for your interest in being spotlighted with your pet on our social media platforms!  We will be featuring these throughout the year. Here are the details –

Our Topi-CLICK 35 CLICK…Lick…Go! dosing applicator is used by pharmacists and veterinarians to dose compounded medications. Product samples are filled with peanut butter so pharmacists and veterinarians can see how easy the dosing applicators are to use.  Some veterinarians also use the applicators as positive reinforcement to train pets! No medication is in our samples.

View the user instructions below


  • We will ship a sample of our Topi-CLICK 35 CLICK…Lick…Go! that is pre-filled with peanut butter!  Pets love this tasty treat!
  • Instructions for use are included in the sample.
  • Ask someone to snap a few pictures of you and your pet as they lick the applicator pad. Outdoor shots with no distractions in the background would be optimal for social media.
  • Email the image of you and your pet using Topi-CLICK® 35 CLICK… Lick… Go! to [email protected].


Note:  Do not request the sample if you or a family member is allergic to peanut butter!

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