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For Healthcare Professionals Who Value Accuracy and Simplicity
Topi-CLICK: The Overall Best Value in Topical Dispensing

Topi-CLICK, with its user-friendly design and domed applicator pad, makes it easy to accurately measure the dose and apply topical medications, thereby improving compliance and outcomes of therapy. The combination of audible, visual and tactile clicks makes it easy for patients to accurately dose medications, even those who have vision or hearing limitation.

A choice of colors of Topi-CLICKs makes it easy for patients who are using multiple medications.

Topi-CLICK® Specifications*

  • The Topi-CLICK is a registered FDA device, Class I Dispenser, Product Code “KYX”. The Topi-CLICK is made of all FDA approved materials. The materials used are in compliance with FDA 21.177 code, which is the requirement for United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Topi-CLICK’s FDA Registration # is 3007142798 and Topi-CLICK’s FDA Device Listing Number is D003073.
  • Each click (¼ turn of the Topi-CLICK® container base) moves the plunger (topical elevator) approximately 0.25ml of volume space, thereby dispensing 0.25ml of cream on average. (The dispensing mechanism is similar to a syringe, but with more control of the plunger movement, so Topi-CLICK® is easier to use.)
  • The most common number of clicks used for one dose is 2 clicks (moves the plunger 0.5ml volume space); so when filling with approximately 35ml the Topi-CLICK® will provide approximately 64 doses (at 2 clicks per dose or 128 clicks total); the rest (approx. 0.75ml) is used for initial priming and (approx. 2ml) is residual.*
  • The Topi-CLICK® container can be used to dispense a total amount of approximately 5ml to 35ml of a topical preparation depending on the volume to weight ratio of base and formula used.
  • The Topi-CLICK® labels like a prescription vial – simplified labeling for lower cost – and easier to read.
  • Domed applicator pad for application w/o dispensing on to hands first.
  • Audible, visual and tactile click registration for user recognition.
  • A “Refill” reminder system helps patients to reorder in a timelier manner. See Operating Instructions above.
  • Designed to resist accidental discharge in purse, pocket or luggage.
  • Made of FDA grade plastic. UV block in plastic protects the contents from UV rays.
  • One time use only. Note: check with your State Board of Pharmacy to see if you are allowed to recycle prescription drug containers. Click here for more information on recycling Topi-CLICK®
  • Recycle Code is recycle_5

*As required for compounded prescription pharmaceuticals; verify the formulas and the weight to volume conversions before dispensing to patients. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the Topi-CLICK® and use with prescription pharmaceuticals should always be evaluated by a licensed pharmacist.

Dispensing Reference Notes:

The below cream bases have been tested in the Topi-CLICK® and determined to have dispensing weights of 0.5g +/- 5% per 2 clicks. **

Cream Base: Medisca HRT Cream Base (for Women)
0.5 mL= 0.498gm based on density, 29.88gm = 30 mL
Measuring the weight of 2 clicks each time dispensed from the Topi-CLICK® resulted in the following:
Average weight per 2 clicks: 0.476gm
Standard Deviation: 0.0151
Coefficient of Variance; 3.16%

Cream Base: PCCA Cosmetic HRTTM
0.5 mL=0.477gm based on density, 28.5gm = 30 mL.
Measuring the weight of 2 clicks each time dispensed from the Topi-CLICK® resulted in the following:
Average weight per 2 clicks: 0.468gm
Standard Deviation: 0.0156
Coefficient of Variance: 3.28%.

**The above notes are for certain batches of the referred to bases and without other ingredients.
**All bases, formulas, and batches have slight differences and therefore need calibration. Some viscous bases are not practical for use in the Topi-CLICK®

The following documents can be downloaded and printed out as a resource for pharmacy staff as well as patients. Some of the documents (as marked) can be edited, allow any pharmacy to add its name and contact information.




Filling Instructions

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Read all filling instructions, specifications and dispensing information carefully before dispensing a topical preparation in the Topi-Click® measured dose applicator.


STEP 1: Fill the Topi-Click® container with the desired amount of topical preparation using a spatula, EMP jar, or filling system.

STEP 2: If needed while filling, stop periodically to tap the Topi-Click® on the palm of your hand or counter to help settle the topical.

STEP 3: Put the applicator pad (cap with a hole) on the top of the Topi-Click® container by aligning the inside key tabs with the slots on the top of the container tube and snap on.

STEP 4: Prime the Topi-Click® by turning the bottom until topical is dispensed and wipe off topical.

Be sure to leave the base in the registered click position by aligning the base column with the tube node: See Step 3 of the Operating Instructions.

STEP 5: Snap on the protective outer cap. (if the cap doesn’t fit tight, it’s an indication that the applicator pad in #2 is not “snapped” down all the way).

STEP 6: Apply center of label to the side of the Topi-Click® container which is opposite the “REFILL” and graduation marks.

Preparation must be of appropriate viscosity.

  • Topi-CLICK as easy as 1,2,3
  • Step-by-step instructions
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