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The DoseLogix Story

It seems fitting that DoseLogix’s highly acclaimed, top-selling topical dosing applicator is best known for its distinctive “CLICK.” Since its inception in 2007 most everything has, indeed, clicked for Topi-CLICK®.

DoseLogix’s innovative, easy-to-use Topi-CLICK has become the applicator-of-choice for an ever-increasing list of pharmacists, doctors and patient advocates.

Like many technological breakthroughs, the original inspiration for Topi-CLICK was modest. Several compounding pharmacies in the north metro Atlanta were seeking a smarter, more effective way for their patients to apply topicals. Prior to the advent of Topi-CLICK, using topical creams, ointments and gels was often messy and inexact, with the constant risk of improper dosing, unintentional transfer or contamination. With a constantly expanding number of physicians prescribing medications to be taken topically, compounding pharmacist Dale Coker, RPh understood the need for improving the method of application.

“With a steadily growing amount of topical medications, we began to realize the increased potential for dosing errors,” said Coker, a pharmacist with more than 35 years of experience. “It is not easy to squeeze an exact amount of topical medicine out of a tube or oral syringe. Plus, when patients rub in a cream or gel using their fingers, a certain amount of that topical is going to be absorbed into their hands instead of where it was prescribed.

“We knew we needed a smarter, simpler way to apply topicals.”

In 2004, Coker, in collaboration with Tim Phipps and Col. Larry Wilson, CNP, (Ret.), began envisioning what type of device could resolve the various shortcomings of tubes, tubs, syringes and jars. After experimenting with numerous variations of applicators, and much trial and error, the visionary group eventually designed the simple, elegant, user-friendly device now known as Topi-CLICK.

The new technology proved so popular with local physicians and patients that the designers realized that Topi-CLICK could have broad appeal in the healthcare industry.

In 2005 DoseLogix was formed with Phipps serving as president, Coker as vice president and Wilson as secretary. In 2007, a U.S.-based production facility was set up. Seventeen months after the first order was shipped, Oprah Winfrey featured the Topi-CLICK on her Women’s Health Show with Dr. Oz and Dr. Christiane Northrup. In addition to follow-up appearances on Oprah, Topi-CLICK has been featured on three other nationally syndicated cable TV programs — Dr. Phil, The Doctors and The Suzanne (Somers) Show.

No other product on the market offers the simple elegance, patented design and user-friendly “click” of Topi-CLICK. With usage and sales steadily increasing each year, Topi-CLICK is expanding the production facilities to meet increasing demand. Topi-CLICK has reached foreign markets in Brazil, Israel, most of Europe, Guam, Australia, Indonesia, Asia and New Zealand.

“The most rewarding part is knowing that through Topi-CLICK, we have contributed to the advancement of healthcare and patient well-being.” said Phipps. “Creating a product so widely embraced in the marketplace drives our innovation further than ever before.  Our latest products and innovations are specifically designed to provide maximum benefits to all in the healthcare triad of patient, pharmacist and physician.”

While Topi-CLICK has enjoyed a steady increase in sales each year, DoseLogix has continued to make improvements to its flagship product as well as adding new products and innovations. In response to consumer demand, in 2015 DoseLogix began producing Topi-CLICK 140, a super-sized model designed to simplify use of larger-dose topicals for patients needing larger dose topicals for pain management, wound care, hormone replacement therapy or scar care.

DoseLogix also produces a variety of products to support its flagship brand, including a Filling Station, Filling Nozzles, and Topi-brushes, for the convenience of pharmacists, and Tap-n-CLICK, for consumers.

“We will be launching more products in 2015,” Phipps said. “As we continue to gather feedback from pharmacists, doctors and patients we will continue to make improvements and innovate.”