Recent study showing ‘remarkable precision’ of Topi-CLICK® accepted by leading peer-reviewed professional journal

December 7th, 2016

ATLANTA, Ga, December 7, 2016 — A recent scientific study, which concluded that Topi-CLICK performed with “remarkable precision and accuracy” among all topical metered-dosing dispensers, has been affirmed by the industry’s leading peer-viewed, professional journal.

The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, a bi-monthly scientific and professional journal, recently published the results of a detailed study conducted by Analytical Research Laboratories in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Topi-CLICK, the innovative metered-dosing dispenser that has been growing steadily in popularity since being introduced in 2007, earned top marks in the scientific study. “Overall, the study shows Topi-CLICK performed with remarkable precision and accuracy compared to the other dispensers,” the Analytical Research Laboratories report concluded.

Tim Phipps, president of Topi-CLICK, knows the significance of the study being published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

“Having the article published in the industry’s leading professional journal is an important in affirmation of the study,” Phipps said. “Topi-CLICK’s accuracy and precision is the result of many year’s effort to perform to the highest standards.”

“Physicians and pharmacists depend greatly on peer-reviewed studies involving drug ingredients and proper dosing,” said Dale Coker, past president of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. “It is very helpful to our industry that we now have scientific data showing the reliability of topical dosing applicators. The ARL independent study confirms the superiority of Topi-CLICK for accuracy and sets the bar for the selection of topical devices.”

The ARL study was designed to evaluate, “the accuracy, precision, and residual of current topical metered-dosing dispensers using three different types of topical creams for practical application.” The test featured five brands of dispensers filled with three commercial cream-bases of dissimilar Total API Load Percentages, Transdermal Penetration Percentages, and Specific Gravities.  In each case, Topi-CLICK showed superior precision and consistency in comparison to the airless-pump dispensers.

“Most remarkably, Topi-CLICK performance did not vary from one cream-base type to the next,” the study reports.  “Therefore, Topi-CLICK was not affected by the various types of cream-bases used in this study, and seemed to be easier to use.”

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