DoseLogix Continues Growth in Topical Dosing Delivery Through Partnership with Team Technologies

May 9th, 2018


DoseLogix continues growth in topical dosing delivery through partnership with Team Technologies

Woodstock (Atlanta), GA, May 9, 2018—DoseLogix, the manufacturer of topical metered dosing dispensers and applicators, announces merger with Team Technologies based in Morristown, TN. DoseLogix has been a pacesetter in the healthcare industry since the introduction of the popular Topi-CLICK® topical dosing applicator in 2007. The accuracy, innovative CLICK dose design and ease-of-use of the Topi-CLICK® has created a brand loyalty among compounding pharmacists, doctors and patients. It’s been featured on nationally syndicated television shows and cited in peer reviewed studies further enhancing the brand.

Team Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, designs and manufactures dental, medical, cosmetic, and industrial products. The merger will branch Team Technologies into the compounding sector. Tim Phipps, President of DoseLogix, said, “We are always looking for ways to improve how we serve patients and pharmacists, so this new partnership with Team Technologies will support expansion and faster product generation. Our topical dosing delivery products have continued to grow for hormone replacement therapy and pain management. More recently the development of the Topi-CLICK® Micro™ has offered expansion into veterinary medication so this partnership offers the perfect opportunity to maximize our growth potential.”

About DoseLogix

DoseLogix, based in Woodstock (Atlanta), GA., manufactures a variety of topical dosing applicators to support its flagship brand, Topi-CLICK, including the Topi-CLICK® 35, the larger volume Topi-CLICK® 140, the revolutionary Perl™ Vaginal Dosing Kit and the NEW micro-dosing Topi-CLICK® Micro™. DoseLogix is unrelenting in pursuing new technologies and innovation. Patients, doctors and compounding pharmacists have shown their appreciation with enthusiastic, word-of-mouth endorsements. For further information on our products, please visit, call 877.870.8448 or email [email protected].

About Team Technologies

Team Technologies, Inc., based in Morristown, TN, boasts an extensive lineup of manufacturing processes and products to service the dental, medical, cosmetic, and industrial market segments. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a management team with deep industry experience, Team Technologies has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20 years. Modeling the company after its customers’ needs, Team Tech emphasizes growth based on its customer growth and seeks to “over-service the customer.” Visit for more information.

Media contact: DoseLogix Marketing, 877.870.8448 or [email protected].