Topi-CLICK shatters sales record in 2012; trend continues in 2013

February 28th, 2013

Topi-CLICK, a measured-dose applicator for topical creams, ointments and gels, continues to experience brisk increase in sales each year. Topi-CLICK, based in Atlanta, Ga., is manufactured in Marietta, Ga.

Bolstered by expert recommendations, word-of-mouth endorsements and multiple appearances on nationally syndicated cable shows, Topi-CLICK shattered its 2011 sales record in 2012. And sales in 2013 have continued to increase.

“We feel like we are riding a giant wave of momentum,” said Topi-CLICK President Tim Phipps. “The most exciting factor for us is how much of our growth is due to grassroots support for the product, from loyal customers as well as healthcare professionals. We have not had to invest much in advertising or marketing. Other people have been promoting our product for us.”

Most recently, Topi-CLICK was featured on an edition of The Suzanne (Somers) Show on the Lifetime network, which touted the potential benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Previously, Topi-CLICK was demonstrated on Dr. Phil, Oprah and The Doctors.

“You can’t buy advertising that would be more effective than that,” Phipps said. “Fortunately, we did not have to. Once people see how well it works and try it themselves they can’t wait to tell others about it.”

Healthcare professionals tout the simplicity, effectiveness and convenience of Topi-CLICK, which dispenses topical treatments in measured doses, with a simple click of the device. The user-friendly design of Topi-CLICK has numerous advantages over traditional syringes, tubes or jars: less risk of dosing errors, unintentional transfer or contamination.

“We are looking at ways of expanding our manufacturing capacity,” said Phipps. “We do not see this growth slowing down anytime soon.”