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Recycling Your Topi-CLICK®


Patient Information: What do I do with my used dispenser?

Dispose of your used Topi-CLICK® topical dosing applicator at a pharmacy that accepts medical recyclables. To locate the pharmacy nearest to you, there is both a DEA database, and an NCPA database listing these “take back” pharmacies. Your local pharmacy or the pharmacy which prescribed your medication may also accept the used dispenser or know who else will. If there is no one in your community who will take back the dispenser, always follow the FDA guidelines found here to dispose of the leftover medications before discarding the empty Topi-CLICK® container.

Important Note: Always be sure to check with your local State Board of Pharmacy to see if you are allowed to recycle used prescription drug containers via the usual channels and/or the best ways to do so.


Topi-CLICK® Materials Information


Products Recycling Codes Other information
Topi-CLICK Micro®
Topi-CLICK® 35, 140, 3Port™, Light SAFE™ , Perl® (Dispenser Only) & DoseCheck™ Some examples of the recycle life of PP plastic:
1st Life: Medicine bottles, Syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, caps, straws; etc.
2nd Life: Battery cables, brooms, brushes, auto battery cases, ice scrapers, landscape borders, bicycle racks, rakes, bins
Topi-CLICK® Perl™ Applicator