Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™


Description: Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™ : 0.90 mL per cavity – Provides customizable dosing with scored halves and quarters.

Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™ is available in 4 vibrant colors. See color choices with SELECT OPTIONS.

SKU#: TCT-PW-Blue – Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™
SKU#: TCT-PW-Pink – Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™
SKU#: TCT-PW-White – Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™
SKU#: TCT-PW-Green – Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™

Quantity: Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™ (25 / Pack)



Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™ (25/Pack) $62.50
Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™Child Resistant Packaging

Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™ is also available in Child Resistant Packaging. Email for ordering information.


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Troche-CLICK usage Troche-CLICK usage Troche-CLICK usage

Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™: 0.90 mL per cavity – Provides customizable dosing with scored halves and quarters.


Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICKis an innovative way to provide an accurate dose to patients in a troche lozenge. The easy-to-fill Troche-CLICKincreases pharmacy efficiency and improves the patient experience with medications dispensed directly from the disposable mold design. Troche-CLICK® is available in 4 vibrant colors which allows for easy medication differentiation.


  • Each cell contains 0.90mL smooth troche lozenges designed for comfortable usage.
  • Each cell provides score lines for easy division of troches into halves or quarters for greater customizability of dosing.
  • Each cell has a textured, easy eject button for quick removal of troches from the tray.
  • Large labeling surface on cover.
  • Secondary labeling surface on tray.
  • Translucent tray allows for easy view of doses remaining.
  • CLICK locking mechanism designed to resist accidental opening.


Topi-CLICK® Troche-CLICK™
Dispenser Volume: Up to 30 individual 0.90 mL troche lozenges
Delivery Volume: 0.90 mL per troche (Each troche can be divided into halves or quarters)
Doses Provided: Device can hold thirty 0.90mL doses.

Registered FDA device, Class 1 Dispenser.
Topi-CLICK’s FDA Registration # is 3007142798.
Materials compliant with FDA 21.177 code, which is the requirement for United States Phamacopeia (<USP 661>).

Made of FDA grade materials | BPA and Phthalate free | Blocks UV.
Recycling Code is #7. Visit for more information on recycling Topi-CLICK®.

*Volumes are approximate. As required for compounded prescription pharmaceuticals dispensed in volume dispensers; verify the weight to volume conversions thoroughly. One time use only.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 4 in

Green, Blue, Pink, White